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The SeNS project aims to strengthen networks for seniors, bringing better lives to all older people and creating networks able to relieve the increasingly overworked welfare systems operating in our ageing North West European society.

SeNS is a transnational project, funded by INTERREG IVB North West Europe, involving 7 partners from Genk (Belgium), Cambridge, Leeds and Stockport (UK), Iserlohn and Nuremberg (Germany) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg). The SeNS partners collaborated to deliver Project Pilots designed to create and strengthen networks for seniors.

Mission Statement

SeNS actions strengthen senior networks, enable a self-determined satisfying life for seniors, use the social capital of these networks for the ageing North West European society, and thus relieve welfare systems.

Key Messages

  1. SeNS recognises that the involvement and engagement of seniors and stakeholders is crucial to ensuring the success of supporting senior networks.
  2. SeNS developed a model for "Seniors Network Support", enabling institutions to assess whether the required networks in an area are present and are sufficient.
  3. SeNS provides strategies to create the sufficient degree of cross-linking between individuals and networks.
  4. SeNS provides the transferable measures, instruments and tools appropriate and necessary to strengthen "Seniors Network Support".
  5. SeNS established a sustainable transnational network that pro-actively raise awareness at the local, regional and European levels and is now part of AFE-INNOVNET.

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